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TDZK 2.x History Completed

Postby Andrew_tM » December 12th, 2010, 11:26 am

With the posting today of the final section of the 2.x history - the record of the double-speed round of 2.8 - the accounts of every single one of the nine 'Genesis' rounds has now been completed.

If you haven't had the opportunity to have a look at them before, all the versions are available from here:

History of TDZK: 2.0
The new engine, 36 systems, the introduction of EMP, rich planets, planet gardeners, babypolitik - and much more!

History of TDZK: 2.1
The round of torturous levelling, as 50 became the bare minimum. KAOS collapsed under pressure, SH became the major force, Aerodyne redefined raiding and a war between Fury and SH ... now that will become familiar.

History of TDZK: 2.2
Reduced level dependency and the new 27-system map made their debuts as defensive planets led to lengthy sieges and long-running battles for multiple systems.

History of TDZK: 2.3
The round of items and free money, of the epic Asgard siege by five raid teams. IA attacked Big Pebble, GTG and KAOS retaliated by bringing down the biggest planet seen at Tyr. The Scourge even put in an appearance!

History of TDZK: 2.4
The round defined by its end as a long battle between KAOS, UF, DR and IA, Evolution, ES and AMF came down to the carlos scandal. Fury took down Williamson and many others battled for supremacy.

History of TDZK: 2.5
The first Alternity round saw a good vs evil galaxy, promptly ignored as alliances formed their own two sides, the 'WTF' vs 'KAD' conflict dominating the round.

History of TDZK: 2.6
This may ring a few bells. It started with a day one raiding spree, a round reset, a day two raiding spree, a huge planet and a three-day long raid. Besides this, new alliance records were set in raiding, trading and killing.

History of TDZK: 2.7
The retro round which drove home the meaning of for richer, for poorer. As interest drove money sky-high, activity disappeared and fights dwindled.

History of TDZK: 2.8
The final hurrah of the Genesis engine, but it went out with a whimper. The double speed round failed to capture the imagination as Nomad loomed.

As with every one of these histories, the captured stories and events have been the ones that have been most memorable from a round perspective - but they are by no means exhaustive. If you have your own stories, memories, pictures or titbits to add, please contribute to each of the relevant threads and add your input about these rounds!

We may continue this into a summary of the Nomad rounds, and possibly a collection of 1.0 stories, but the 2.x Histories are complete. I hope you enjoy them.
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